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People have a knack of really over simplifying feminism like “feminism: the radical notion that women are people” or “feminism is literally just believing in equality” like… no its not its so much more complex than that ask any dingus if they think women and men should be equal they’ll probably say yeah but their actions and thoughts probably majorly contradict that so quit acting like anyones a feminist if they vaguely believe women are ok humans


Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’

  • Me: ain't nobody tell you to do that tho


"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

Afghan school Girls by Ellen Jaskol


but it’s not about race right?


"She was another woman who meant so much to me. When we were doing 30 Rock and we needed to cast Jane Krakowski’s estranged Florida dirtbag mother and I thought, ‘My god, do you think we could get Jan Hooks?’ Because she’s an idol of mine, from the Sweeney Sisters to the Miss Self Esteem Pageant. Just the funniest woman ever. And I was like, ‘Do you we could get her? And the answer was like, ‘Yeah, you can get her.’ She was living in Woodstock. And the phone was not ringing.

We called her and said, ‘Do you want to do this?’ And she was like, ‘OK?’ She was actually a little shy about jumping back into the game. And she came down and she was so funny. We did a scene where Jenna and her mother are reunited and they’ve been estranged, but they decide to sing their duet that they used to sing in pageants when Jenna was a child. And it was a mother and a daughter singing to each other: “Do that to me one more time…” (Laughter) And it was so funny and the crew was so mesmerized. It was all at once the most ridiculous and heartbreaking and beautiful, this weird mother-daughter relationship. And I’m so proud of it.

It made me sad when she passed, and it made me mad at the time how available she was. Jan should have had a bigger career. Jan deserved a big movie career. Certainly as big as Rob Schneider’s (expletive) career. She was a bigger star on SNL.”


-Tina Fey on the late Jan Hooks.

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I love art


I love art


scariest thing this season


scariest thing this season


"Please sir, no photos in the office


"Please sir, no photos in the office


me during summer


me during fallimage


ok I’m sorry if doing a giveaway is annoying but I honestly have no one irl to give my old cool iphone 5 phone cases to and no one else that would like the extra CD’s I have as well. 

I just have cool stuff that I want to giveaway to people that I know will appreciate this stuff yeah. cool let’s do this. 

the items are:

  •  iphone 5 The Vaccines case
  •  iphone 5 The Strokes case
  • The 1975 CD
  • new unopened alt-J Cd (got an extra for my b-day)
  • a shit ton of candy and hot cocoa
  • and a shit ton of other cool iphone 5 cases (since I have a iphone 6 and no friends that have iphone 5’s either) 

I’ll pick a random winner and you must be following me… usual giveaway rules blah blah blah… only reblogs count and i dont think it matters how many times you reblog it. 

I’ll pick a winner December 1st

oh yeah and I’m only gonna be shipping within the USA 

What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.


"dont worry, mister romney, were only going to the park to play fetch!" says mitts campaign manager

"oh boy!!" says mitt

mitts jubilation slowly turns to horror as they pull into the veterinarians office

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